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This website and it's goal is about positive change and a government working for Canadians, in no way is it about hate. Only a liberal would try and skew it like that.

This is about a new direction at the top in Canada that is needed, long overdue really. This is about change and focusing on that, not on hate. Rage won't fix it but taking positive constructive steps to affect change will.


United by A Common Goal

I firmly believe that Justin Trudeau needs to go spend time with his family, go back into private life, write a book and go on a speaking engagement tour. Because in no way shape or form is he cut out to lead Canada. Justin Trudeau needs to fade into private life; I wish him no ill will. However, fade away he must, for he is crushing Canada and we just can't afford Justin Trudeau and the liberals!

Dissolve Invisible Lines

Canadians need to come together and work together towards putting in place a Government that works for the people of Canada instead of dictating to us how it's going to go and spitting on the Charter of Rights & Freedoms in the process. Government and in this case Justin Trudeau and the Liberals goal is to divide Canadians and have us fighting each other rather than devoting our attention the real problem, our Government.

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